Busy working? Intense schedule? Kids? Exams? Or... Hangover?

Don't worry, we've all been there! Forget about long waits and planning ahead! Let us introduce you to the life changing service, which will become your rescue buddy in any kind of situations. Whether you are stuck at work and have no time to go grocery shopping, whether you need to deliver mail ASAP, whether you can't leave your children and need to run errands in town or just don't feel like cooking – let us handle it.

ANYTHING you want, ANYWHERE you are can be delivered within an hour! Enjoy your food, your time and most importantly enjoy the feeling of being taken care of.

Download the app to discover a big variety of places to chose from!

Place your order, sit back and enjoy being taken care of. Every step of the delivery process can be tracked in real time through the app!

We made it easy for you to enjoy our service with all the payments handled inside the app! We don't store any of the confidential information - everything is secured by Stripe.

Ruben is the best way to order delivery from any stores, pharmacies and restaurants in your city!

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Become a part of a fast-growing market with the flexible hours and competitive pay! Click “apply”, fill out the form and our team will contact you within 24h!

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